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 IMPORTANT: Rules of the Board

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IMPORTANT: Rules of the Board Empty
PostSubject: IMPORTANT: Rules of the Board   IMPORTANT: Rules of the Board Icon_minitimeWed Sep 12, 2007 9:02 pm

Please read this before posting and make sure you follow the rules of this board at all times

This is the board for conversational threads. Any topic may be discussed here as long as you follow the rules of the board.

No "Family" Business to be Posted
...This is an open forum that all can see and post in - even those who are not registered members of this forum. So remember - no discussion of sensitive family related business in this thread.

Do not Spam
...if your comments don't contribute to the thread topic...DON'T POST THEM!

Stay on topic
...if your post is not directly related to the thread topic then start a new thread or take it to PM.

Do not Double Post
...edit your previous post if you have more to say...give people time to respond.

No disrespecting others or flaming
...Keep it civil...keep it respectful...remember that what may be culturally acceptable to you may be offensive to someone else...please keep this an 'all cultures welcome' site.

Keep your posts within "family friendly" guidelines
...Please remember that some of our clansmen are actually not even in their teens yet...Do not use any bad language or discuss matters which are not suitable for our younger players...they deserve to enjoy this site too!

Please Note...This board will not be considered a board for raising your post be most specific, NO board in this forum should be used for that reason...If you insist upon using it as such the board will simply be taken away. This board is a privilege not a right - do not abuse it.
Members who do not follow the rules of this board will be denied access to it for a a cooling off period. Repeat offenders will not regain access to this board.


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IMPORTANT: Rules of the Board
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